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Melane, sometimes known as Melanie, has long brown hair and brown eyes. She was born in Hungary on March 12 in 1984 and is in her late twenties, although she still has a rather youthful look. She is a small girl at 5'3 and 105 pounds and she has a fit 33-23-33 body with tiny little titties.

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Date added: 01-06-2014 Rating:
Like 37
Dislike 17
Date added: 02-10-2011 Rating:
Like 20
Dislike 3
Date added: 11-11-2010 Rating:
Like 34
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Date added: 10-25-2010 Rating:
Like 55
Dislike 6
Date added: 10-21-2010 Rating:
Like 42
Dislike 3
Date added: 07-16-2010 Rating:
Like 46
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